David Grange

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Player - Roel Schreurs

Name - David Grange

Image:David.jpg picture by Hilde Heyvaert



Clan - Gangrel

Age - 26

Location - Mechelen & Antwerp

Coterie - Malinas in the Mist of which he is the Charger.

Faction - Order of the Blade

Specialties - Uratha, Voodoo

Deity worshipped - Luna

totems - Wolf, Raven, Moon

Brief history

This gangrel recently emerged from the wilderness, where he had wandered since his embrace. He had been pulled, by some instinct, to the city of Mechelen in Belgium where he met Carter Bale. This was a kindred of the Mekhet clan and he was the one who introduced David to kindred society. It was also Carter’s doing that made David decide to join the Circle of the Crone, since he adored the goddess Luna, Queen of the Moon and only in the Crone would he and his ideas be willingly accepted. Also, his entrance in the Crone and his friendship with Carter made it possible for him to meet James Field, a fellow Crone member, and Marcus Erana, a member of the Carthian Movement.

It was not long after they’ve met, that they realized that together they shared many goals, so they formed the Malinas coterie. Their powerhouse would be Mechelen, to start with. And so they continued and still continue to expand their influence to this day.

One thing is for sure. When this gangrel sets his mind to something, he can’t be persuaded nor reasoned with. He will attain that goal with whatever means at his disposal. Already he has established some kind of a name for himself, one of a troublemaker and rebel.

He can be regularly seen with Ophelia Schwartz, with which he has a sexual relationship. If any mention is made of a serious relationship this gangrel freaks out.

What impact this gangrel will have, only future can tell us.


With Carter Bale, at the Imbolc Masked Ball in Antwerp.

Photo by Hilde Heyvaert.


  • David remains in close contacts with the Antwerp Uratha, and for him they will act as allied forces in a war.
  • He likes to pretend he's not all that bright, but in fact he's got the brains of a rocket scientist.
  • He's obsessed by fast cars, and owns several. Concequentially he's an excellent driver.

Others about David Grange

  • Ophelia Schwartz: Should something happen to David, there will be retribution so terrible I won't even begin to describe it... He's a lot of trouble, and I'm sure he'll maim the both of us badly in a car crash one of these nights, but I really don't care, I like him just the way he is.
  • Joshua St-Martin, skin rider: Why don't you go fetch the newspaper like a good dog young man?
  • Dokisha: Yes, another malina, some improvement for the covenant I must say.
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